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Strive to do good for others.

The owners of this company, Douglas Coffee, regularly give of their time, money, and product toward feeding the homeless! Rock star Strivers!
Inner Peace - Utah Company Discovered Recipe...40 Years Ago.

Inner Peace - Utah Company Discovered Recipe...40 Years Ago.

Content is being written while you are reading this. Check back soon!
Content is being written while you are reading this. Check back soon!

Principles of leadership are as old as time.

There is a lot of talk, ongoing research, new training courses adnauseam, about the makeup of a good leader. We tend to make assumptions regarding those who have achieved wild financial success. They must know something we don't. If only we could tap into their knowledge and wisdom we would then be able to achieve the same level of success. But leadership attributes and financial success are hardly corollary. Some of the worst leaders have achieved at high levels and, conversely, some of the greatest leaders in all of human history could barely rub two nickels together. Leadership, then, is not only about running a profitable company or department but the character of the person.

My first real job after high school and a church service mission was with FranklinCovey.

I have held leadership titles and looking back I recognize the many weaknesses and deficiencies I displayed as a leader. I am certain there were many others better suited for the job. It should be required to somehow demonstrate your competency as a leader over your own life before being considered for stewardship over others. This is a lesson not easily learned.

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